IRLP Hardware Requirements

The following is a list of minimum hardware requirements to host an IRLP node.

I R L P - Keeping the Radio in Amateur Radio

PC Spec's Updated November, 2012


  • A dedicated IBM compatible computer, Pentium III class (Intel, AMD etc), running a processor clocked at at least 500 MHz

  • At least 512 MB of RAM

  • A dedicated hard drive of at least 5 GB

  • Basic (legacy) parallel port running LPT1 (or HEX 0x378/9 for the techies)

  • Soundcard -  most PCI cards work as do many motherboard based Chipsets. ISA sound cards are no longer supported by the latest versions of the CentOS Linux Operating System.

  • Ethernet Adapter (Network Card) connected to the Internet


  • IRLP now ships with Debian an open source Linux project. The custom version we provide is very small, only ~500 megabytes on the CD which installs to about 1 GB.
                  Help with CD and over-the-net installs can be provided


  • Link radio or repeater (the radio must have a COS {carrier operated squelch} signal)

    If the link radio is to be connected directly to the input/output frequencies of a repeater, the repeater MUST not have any hang time or courtesy tone.  This can easily be accomplished using CTCSS on the repeater transmitter that follows the COS of the receiver.


  • IRLP interface board

  • Miscellaneous cables and connectors

David Cameron
IRLP Designer

Enjoy IRLP and please "Pass the Word"
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