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IRLP - Keeping the Radio in Amateur Radio

The following is a step by step procedure for properly updating your latitude and longitude for your node on the IRLP Status Page so that your node will appear in the exact correct location.

  1. Download and install Google Earth. 

  2. Once you run the program, Under TOOLS, OPTIONS, in the "Rendering" area of the default box, Check "degrees" for the Lat/Long

  3. Zoom into the area you want your node to appear at. You can literally move it from one end of your house to the other if you want.

  4. Write down the Latitude and Longitude (note any minus signs carefully) which appears in the lower left-hand corner. There is no conversion required. Anything over 6 decimal places is pointless.

  5. Please, DO NOT email the changed coordinates to database@irlp. To edit your status page entry, please follow the link/s above

Lets make this Google Earth overlay for IRLP even more useful, by having nodes in the right locations. If you see a node that is not in the right location, contact the owner and have them update it.

Also, if you have not been watching the list lately, once Google Earth is installed, click on the following link:




Dave Cameron VE7LTD
IRLP System Designer

Enjoy IRLP and please "Pass the Word"
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last updated February 14, 2007
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